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Mary Beth Long has spent her entire adult life in male-dominated fields. But few men or women alive today have served, and led, with such distinction. Or achieved such success.


First in her family to graduate from college, at 23, Long joined the CIA and became an undercover operative for over a decade. She earned her J.D., joined one of the nation’s most prestigious law firms, and was later the first woman confirmed by the U.S. Senate to serve as Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East, Europe and Africa. In this role, Long was responsible for formulating policy, including for the ground wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A four-star civilian equivalent, Long also served as the first female Chair of NATO’s High Level Group responsible for nuclear policy. Her Defense experience includes policy leadership roles for Asia, Southeast Asia and the Western Hemisphere, and in counter-narco-terrorism/cross border threats.

Today, in addition to serving as an advisor to the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO as a subject-matter expert, Long has successfully built three multimillion-dollar enterprises and travels the world in the service of her foreign, Fortune 50 and U.S. government clients.

Sophisticated, Strategic Support Across the Globe

Long’s three companies—METIS Solutions, LLC; M.B. Long & Associates, PLLC; and Askari Associates, LLC— provide strategic advice to U.S. and foreign companies as well as security planning and ground-level support to multinational companies and governments in some of the world’s most volatile regions. Long’s businesses have a global presence, with people in nearly 20 countries and with partners in the Middle East, South America and around the world.

Long and her associates’ unique mix of senior defense, legal and high-level corporate experience is unparalleled in the industry. And the team has parlayed this experience in ways few others have, guiding commercial clients through new overseas deals worth over half a billion dollars in 2015—distinguishing Long’s companies from both corporate consultancies and others providing strategic and export compliance advice.

Long’s government support business has grown by double or triple digits every year. “Unlike companies that take a more muscular approach, our expeditionary support is intellectually sophisticated, culturally attuned and compliance driven,” Long says. “Our support has a profound understanding of the overall policy and commercial goals of our clients. We don’t sacrifice larger, more strategic objectives.”

Surveying the Road Ahead

According to Long, the demand for the type and caliber of services she provides, particularly through METIS, will no doubt continue to grow. METIS operates a diverse portfolio, offering services in financial management, intelligence support, and high-profile strategic planning.

“The world’s problems and emerging threats are not going to become less complicated or less prevalent,” she says. “This presents both challenges and opportunities. I look forward to helping my clients achieve their objectives, deploy personnel overseas and generally prepare for new threats in the years to come.”

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